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it's valentines... - welcome to my life... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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it's valentines... [Feb. 14th, 2007|01:38 pm]
welcome to my life...
[mood |soresore]

and i would like to give a big, *enter something witty here*...

it's lost whatever it is i thought was good about it.
last year i did not want anything to do with it, this year i feel the same.
actually i think it was the time that i started talking with tim again...last year was not good times at all.

i now see it for what it really is...a regular day, it's just like every other day but with heartshaped chocolates, flowers and what not being sold everywhere.

it used to be one of my fav times a year...i don't know what spoiled it, but it is. i just feel empty about it.

regardless of my feelings, i hope that everyone has a nice day whatever they're doing.