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(no subject) [Aug. 3rd, 2006|09:31 am]
welcome to my life...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO sabine_strohem

hope that you have a great day!!!

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(no subject) [Jun. 24th, 2006|02:43 pm]
welcome to my life...


hope that you have an amazing birthday!!!
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2006|03:39 pm]
welcome to my life...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO riot_grrl have a great day sweetie!
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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2006|07:37 pm]
welcome to my life...
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |THE RADIO]


and their new album and some pizza and hot sauce i think? i was tooo excited to listen....people have been calling me asking if that was me on the radio
i sound like an idiot!!!

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OMG OMG OMG.... [Apr. 28th, 2006|09:09 pm]
welcome to my life...
[mood |bouncybouncy]



will try to make a real post soon....YEY!!!
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2006|02:44 pm]
welcome to my life...

Happy Birthday heyjude026
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(no subject) [Apr. 16th, 2006|04:40 pm]
welcome to my life...
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this post's for you... [Apr. 6th, 2006|04:28 pm]
welcome to my life...
[mood |blahblah]
[music |people laughing in the office]

i guess i should get on this whole posting more thing????

everytime lately when i login to post i cannot remember what i was going to write, or i feel like i have nothing interesting to say, and when i actually do have something interesting to say i get busy and then cannot remember what it was when i was actually going to post.

some exciting news...
a month and counting and i still haven't killed filbert.

who you may ask is filbert, well...he's a yucca, i think?
it's a kick ass tree that tim bought for me after a dart shoot on his way to my place.
he said he was going to get me flowers but they die, well, anyone who knows me and knows me well, knows that i cannot keep plants alive.
hell i killed a cactus!!!! ya, that's me...the catus killer, non green thumber.

i have had him a month now, and it appears that he is growing. i am not 100% about the yucca thing. it never came with anything so i didn't know what it was, but good ol' captain ron (my apt. manager/friend) had a book, that's like the only thing that looked close, so we went with it. i will post a picture eventually...i think that he needs to be repotted, but i know nothing...so i may ask ron or tim's mom to help me because i am clueless when it comes to plants or anything that requires a green thumb.

has any of my canuck friends heard of can jet??? they are cheaper than west jet...i am looking to book a flight to go home and 90 bucks is a big difference when you don't got much cashola.
but on the other hand west jet offers airmiles...i dunno...maybe i should go for westjet because i know that they are fine as i have flown with them before. my dad was nice enough to offer to help me out...ya dad, give me $500 is the last thing that will come out of my mouth.
i am going to visit the fam cuz i only get to see them maybe once a year. it's my moms bday in june, so that's my plan, to go surprise her. i don't talk to them much, but i do miss them...i guess my little scoo is tuckering out very quick and easily now...i think that she may be 13 or maybe 14 this year. i mean that's not too shabby at all...and i am sure she's got another year left. my little baby's all grown up...makes me sad that i have missed soo much of her life, but i know my rents have taken good care of her. i would have never been able to cover the vet bills or anything, ok i would have but i would not have been healthy myself. i would sooner starve than make a pet be neglected.

by the way maes when you come to visit, you had best be bringing the ddr action...i saw some kid busting it at the mall arcade last night when i was with a friend...so i have the biggest urge to play and no one will come play with me!

lets see...tigers swept the swift current broncos...and we were there to enjoy!
almost got beat up by a boy at the game because of something his nephew did, and i spoke my mind...was not bitchy, not rude, just playing the common sense and manor card. oh well...what can you do?
the bus was a hoot...except for the blue goo coming out the bottom on the bathroom door. so needless to say on the trip back i made friends closer to the center that had more alcohol left, and not to mention lots of fun and loud, and when i have been drinking i am too! the loud part of course...i am fun all the time. hahahahhaa :P

we start a new series with the saskatoon blades tomorrow night. made a wager with shayna, my print rep, this morning for 2 tequilla shots at our annual golf tournie next year. she predicts blades in 7, i say tigers in 6. i know that it could be us in less...but 6 sounds like a gooder because i cannot see sweeping 2 in a row. we've been off for a week while everyone else was finishing up.
it would be nice for the pocket book as it's expensive!

hmmm what else?
read if you want...will give hugs to whoever doesCollapse )

anyhoo...not much really changes in my life. right now...my life consists of playoff hockey, dog classes, dog club stuff, work and that's about it.

oh and i bought my first pair of shants...i may take them back. the button fell off when i retried them on last night. my friend trudy said they look fine...i am not convinced. i feel like a tard...why on earth did i bother???

that's all for now...buh bye
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doodlin' around... [Mar. 22nd, 2006|11:58 am]
welcome to my life...
[mood |hungryhungry]

and decided to update...

well, hmmmm...not even sure where to begin. i guess i will ask this...since i no longer have anywhere to upload pictures to, can someone tell me a good, reliable, and free picture hosting place????

still not sure what's going on with my mom, or if she ditched on her appointment with the heart specialist. man, i truly hope that i do not get a thick headed in my older years as she is. i would love to have my mom around for my wedding and children (if it ever happens). yah sure i complain, but it's very frustrating dealing with that at times. who doesn't get frustrated with their parents?
anyhoo, my mom and dad should be basking in the sun in puerto viarta (sp? i know i suck!)...they got to go to mexico all inclusive, now this, this year...lucky bumms. mind you he does a lot of advertising, so in a sense he's already paid for it.
hope that my scooter girl is not too bad...she's staying with the lady that grooms her. she did so so for a weekend, so a week might be overwhelming. i miss the little bugger...

lately i have really been wanting a puppy. but i cannot have one in my apartment for many reasons, one being they are not allowed and the most important, i do not have a yard, or much room to entertain one...so i know i have to wait, but teaching puppies and agility is very hard and makes you want one that much more. since i don't live at the house anymore, it's hard, i miss having people and animals around. sure, i have tonnes of people i can visit with at my apartment building, but it's not the same.

last weekend was the most fun that i have had in a while, friday being st. paddy's one of my friends from work and i went down to the buckle after work all spiffed up in our green and stickers and stuff...met up with her mom and friends, and then more friends came down...it was a hoot. well until i ran into a girl, a friend i guess you could say, it was hard...it was not bad, just upsetting.
so of course the water works were starting to turn on, and i didn't want to be one of those girls who start crying in the bar while everyone is all drinking and carrying on...so i left.
and that's where the FUCKING STUPIDITY HAPPENED...i was upset, not thinking straight, and got in my car and drove. I HATE ME!!! i know it was wrong, i know how stupid it is...and that was really dumb. NEVER WILL THAT EVER HAPPEN AGAIN! i am sooo ashamed...and needed to put this in here as a reminder of what a flipping idiot i was.

so apart from my idiocy i had a very good night...went up to the pub afterwards as i told the girls i would...and one lady from tim's dart team and some friends were in there and were all amazed i was up there and still standing at midnight. she was like are you making it to the shoot in the morning...i was like oh ya baby, i will be there.

sat morning tim woke me up, ok well i was already sort of awake anyway...at 8. went for breakfast with him and his brother and then headed er on down to the legion to get warmed up for the shoot. i was playing with rob, man that guy is sooo sweet. we had a hoot...i have to figure out a way to repay him for that, he paid for everything...my entry and all my drinks. he wouldn't allow me to give him anything...all the gurls think he is sweet on me...but i don't think so??? maybe he is, i dunno?
anyhoo, i was sitting there right before we started...he asked if i wanted a drink, i said it doesn't matter i am ok...he ordered me a double rum at 10am, maybe even before? every time it started to get low, i had another...then there was tequilla shots...man was i loaded for the hockey game later...i shot well i thought, it was double in and out. i am not good with doubles.
the one game we shot, we were played against jeffrey, tims brother...i doubled in with 140, that's effin AMAZING!!! not only my highest score EVER but also the highest in for the day. so ya, after the game we went up to the pub, i was still drinking, and didn't have anything but breaky that day...i am amazed that i wasn't sick...though that might explain why i ate and ate and ate on sunday.

some exciting things going on...

playoffs are going to break my bank...20 bones each game...plus road games, plus memorial cup if i can go.

i am in totally the zone with wanting to get in a bathing suit next near when air and i go to mexico.
which is virtually perfect timing for my 30th...and i totally plan on dousing myself in liquor to forget that.
i have been watching, for the most part, what i have been eating, trying to get to the gym, and i am trying that slim quick stuff.
personally i do not notice any results, but my friends trudy and rob have said that i look thinner, actually rob mentioned something about either your boobs are getting bigger or you're losing weight.
not something i want to happen...the boob thing...for anyone that knows me knows that i have hated these effen things since i first got them.

aside from that, work is good, the sheep needs some new treds and a tune up but running good, life is not on a high, but not in the rut, so i will take it.

anyhoo...gotta pee, so i am OUT...like trout!
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why did i ever... [Mar. 9th, 2006|04:14 pm]
welcome to my life...
[mood |worriedworried]

bother going to the doctor a few years ago...i am sure i would have adapted to having gallbladder attacks.
ever since then it's been something.

i had to go in yesterday (under threat from tim) because i have had my "friend" for 2 weeks, a week of that heavy like the start of it. to me that's not soo normal, so ya...when i told him he had a concerned face and sent me in for an ultrasound. he's gone out of the office next week and won't be back till the 21st...so now i am left wondering and worried.

EDIT: they just phoned the ultrasound didn't show much, so they said it probably isn't anything but hormonal...but come back in 2 to 3 weeks. yey for nothing serious going on, but boo for having to deal with this.

why am i falling apart? it's not like i don't take somewhat really good care of myself. ya i am stubborn when it comes to going to the doctor....but still?

i was talking with my dad the other day...freaked him out a little when i said tim might fly home with me since he's never seen ontario...well not that part anyway. he thought that it was something pretty serious...hahaha NO! not like that...i like the guy, but there's nothing like that in the future.
my dad mentioned to me that my mom is not doing well...her blood pressure is very high. she's had a minor stroke, and heart attack. she does not eat well, nor does she really take care of herself.
he's dragging her to a specialist today...i am sooo worried. i sort of want me mom around for a while, ya know?

she doesn't listen...hope she gets in to see this guy and he's willing to take her on.

this has not been a good week health wise

on a happier note...
Happy Birthday to jesssmiles2042
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